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5 Signs It May Be Time To Get A New Insurance Agent

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Do you have the right coverage and price for your auto, home and business insurance policies? Is your agent helping to make sure you do? Read on for 5 Signs that it may be time to get a new insurance agent.

Maybe several years ago you took out your NY car insurance policy with a new agent. He or she was fantastic with a great personality and spent a lot of time with you securing a nice policy meeting your requirements at the time. Unfortunately, that was the last time you really spoke with your agent and now five years later you’re wondering if you have the right coverage, right price, and right agent.

Can’t Get An Answer

Be careful of the agent that doesn’t return your phone calls or emails.  Or almost as bad, answers your call but doesn’t clearly answer your questions.

Little Or No Communication

The agent that is all bells and whistles when you take out your new policies and then disappears into the night never to be heard from again is a big concern. Good agents will periodically check in with you to see if there are any changes in your life that might precipitate a change in your coverage. After all, your insurance protects you against potential financial devastation and as a client you deserve nothing less that continual and attentive communication from your agent.

Your Agent Represents Only One Company And No Options

Agents representing national captive insurance companies only have one option for auto, home and business insurance. Although they might be agents, having only one product does not serve your best interests unless that one product is the absolute best one out there, which is usually not the case. Especially if your premiums continue to rise it may be time to look for another agent that works for an independent agency who can provide you with the most options for your particular needs and requirements.

You’ve Had A Claim Or Service Problem And Can’t Get Help

Over the past several years there has been a trend of consolidation of insurance agencies which hasn’t exactly been a positive for policyholders. Calling your local agent for a claim or service issue can be met with a telephone prompt system that never really gets you to your agent, or if you do, be prepared to leave a voicemail which may or may not result in a return call. Many of these consolidated agencies have adopted a “separation of duties” approach where agents are strictly sales and after the sale you’ll be talking to a customer service rep for your inquiries, not quite at the level you anticipated when you took out your policies.

As an agent, providing prompt service to your clients should be fundamental to the job. If your agent cannot meet those requirements for you, it may be time to look for another agent.

Your Premiums Have Gone Up And You Don’t Know Why

In fact, premiums have been rising over the past couple of years for auto, home and business insurance. There are a number of reasons why this is occurring, some of it regional and some industry wide. It’s important that your agent know where these increases are coming from for your policies whether it be a policy specific change or company wide rate increase, and relay this information to you.

If you can’t get a clear answer as to why your rates are going up it may be time to look for another agent.

If you have any questions regarding auto, home and business insurance options, please contact us, we’re always glad to help.  The NY Insurance Hub serves Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Latham, Cohoes, Watervliet, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, surrounding Capital Region areas and all of New York State from NYC to Buffalo.

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