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Happy Holidays to Our Albany NY Insurance Agency Clients and Friends

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happy holidays from our albany ny insurance agency happy family gathering

You know, it takes a lot to maintain a successful insurance agency and at the top of our gratefulness list are our clients. Without the long lasting relationships and support received from our customers, we would cease to exist. We’d like to think that we also give to our clients by providing the best possible programs, service, and guidance when it comes to their insurance protection. The people we work with and work for are never taken for granted and we hope to extend our working and friend relationship for many years to come.

Our thankfulness also extends to the support we receive from the insurance companies we work with.  Without a solid relationship with our marketing representatives, underwriters, and service support personnel, we cannot provide the top flight products and service our clients have come to know, expect, and most importantly, deserve.

We also feel so fortunate that our customers (internally we call our customers our “people”) allow us to educate them on the particulars of their insurance coverage and how it pertains to their every day lives.  Let’s face it, the topic of insurance can be quite “dry” to most, but our people understand that when you need proper insurance protection after a bad car accident or devastating home fire, your policy is anything but a boring stack of papers, it’s a financial protector and in some cases a financial savior.

The people of New York are the best people of all to work with and we are thankful to live and work in this great State. Although our agency is physically located in Albany NY, we work with clients from all over the state from Buffalo to NYC and Long Island.  Living in and enjoying the culture, activities, businesses and people of the Capital Region and cities such as Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Latham, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, Cohoes, Watervliet is also a wonderful experience.

Our greatest hope of all is that everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season this year. The pandemic has caused so much stress, worry, and loss into just about everyone’s lives, now is the time to rejoice for what we do have, the love of family, friends, and neighbors.  The sharing of old times and new memories in the company of those we care for.

For those we have shared time with this year, the NY Insurance Hub Agency thinks you are all “out of sight”, so Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!

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