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Troy NY, also known as the Collar City, due to its history in shirt, collar, and textile production, became a city in 1816. One might think of Troy’s history as a Blue Collar City as well and one of the most prosperous cities in the entire country through the 19th and into the early 20th century. Many local people aren’t aware that Troy earned great wealth during this period in the steel industry and was a major iron producer. 

Current residents of Troy NY haven’t fallen far from the blue collar ethic of its historic past. Hard work, honest and fair dealings, along with an expectation of value in the goods and services they purchase are still woven into the fabric of the community.

As a Capital District insurance agency that works with a lot in the City of Troy, we would like to give an Uncle Sam salute to the residents by offering great rates and service on your homeowners insurance policies. 

In reality, most people requesting an insurance quote really just want a good value. You don’t want to feel like you’re rolling the dice at Rivers Casino when you shop for insurance. You want to feel trust and competence with the agency you are working with. 

We talk often with prospective new clients from Troy who are frustrated about how they keep paying their homeowners policy year after year without getting anything back and what’s worse, the policy premiums keep going up even though they’ve had no claims. Yes, we totally get the angst that people feel and do our best to alleviate their angst by providing them with lower premiums and better coverage. 

Our goal is always twofold.

1) Provide the protection you need 

2) Offer the lowest price we can find. 

Home insurance in Troy NY is not a commodity, there are differences, not only in coverage, but also in the education and service you receive. 

There can be a wide disparity amongst insurers in the way claims are handled as well as settlement amounts. If you’ve ever had consistently bad experiences with customer service or a claim that was handled poorly, you know what we mean. 

There is a difference, and that’s why, based on our experience, have hand-picked the top national and regional carriers to do business with. Chosen based on coverage offered, competitive pricing, and claims handling history.

We want our clients to have homeowners policies that hold tremendous value with proper coverage that can save their financial lives if their house is lost to a fire.

Cheap Troy NY Homeowners Insurance with Value

We almost hate using the word “Cheap” when it comes to the policies we sell and service. It can imply something of low value or lacking in some way. Our view of the word is really something quite different. 

“Cheap” to us means that we are most often able to offer an option that’s low in price, a product that’s worth more than its cost. And by “low in price” we mean that if you got the same policy with the same coverage at another company or agency, it would be more expensive. 

By “Value” we mean that our agents are going to spend some time with you to properly assess your specific scenario and suggest the coverage needed for proper protection. 

A relationship is formed, one where you feel good about calling us with questions, policy assistance, or help with a claim. One where we grow with you as your life changes. We will know your name. 

How Do You Find The Cheapest Troy NY Home Insurance?

Good question! There are actually a number of factors that allow us to zero-in on the most competitive rates for our clients. 

The Companies: Our agency is directly appointed to a large number of targeted insurers that in our opinion are the best for any particular niche of car, home, or business insurance. By the best, we mean the coverage offered, policy and claims service, and of course, pricing. 

For example, where one might be excellent for people with excellent credit and multi policy bundles, another might be better for someone with less than perfect credit or someone who’s had some recent claims, or any variation of several different factors. 

After our agent’s initial fact gathering session with someone requesting a quote, we know which companies to approach that will provide the cheapest homeowners quote we can find in Troy NY. 

Manual Quoting: Being an independent agency gives us the ability to offer the best options from our hand-picked and highly targeted A-Rated insurers, which gives you a distinct advantage for cost and coverage. 

Our pre-quote process, and advanced quoting systems allow us to “Manually Quote” the top carriers for your specific qualifying factors which ensures all discounts are applied and all required endorsements are added, something that is often missed with the use of automated multi-company rating tools used by many NY agents and agencies. 

These automated rating tools are used by agents as a time saving measure but are not perfect and can cause a necessary coverage to be missed or a higher premium than should be paid. We have chosen to avoid rating systems for these reasons. 

Yes, it takes longer to do things manually but gives greater assurance to our customers. You are worth it!

Experience: The old adage “You Can’t Teach Experience” is so true in the world of insurance. There are several major rating factors to consider in the pricing of a NY homeowners quote. Factors such as location, dwelling construction type, age of dwelling, fire zone, credit rating, prior claims, dwelling limit, liability limits, deductibles, and optional coverages. 

Rating factors combined with eligible discounts such as nonsmoker, policy bundles, alarm systems, new purchase, retired status, deadbolts/smoke detectors/fire extinguishers, paid in full, electronic billing, and e-documents ultimately confirm the price option you’ll receive from any insurer. 

It’s one of the reasons why rater tools are not always effective as all insurers weigh rating factors and offer discount options differently, sometimes making the resulting best option, not really the best for you. 

Our experience has taught us how to contrast and compare utilizing rating factors and discounts that give our clients the bottom-line best option from our stable of companies. 

Bundle Discounts – Troy NY Homeowners Insurance Savings Opportunity

There may also be other lines of coverage that you want to consider in addition to your basic homeowners policy. These may include, automobile, personal umbrella, motorcycle, RV, boat, among others. We have access to companies that offer the best bundle discounts and make them available to you.

Our agents at NY Insurance Hub can help you understand your other risks and help you evaluate whether you may need additional coverages on your policy.

Here are some additional Dwelling Lines that we service:

  • High Value Houses
  • Rental Dwellings
  • Secondary Residences

It’s Time To Get Your Personalized Troy NY Homeowners Insurance Quote

Let the us do the heavy lifting for you, utilizing our extensive network of the top national and regional insurance companies in New York. We know the current best offered programs for people with your specific scenario and requirements.  

We utilize our experience serving Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Latham, Cohoes, Watervliet, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, surrounding Capital Region areas and all of New York State to provide the best policy options possible. We want to find you the cheapest Troy NY insurance that also protects you adequately.

This is no gimmick. It is not uncommon for us to save clients Up To 50% on their Troy NY homeowners premiums. We know insurance, have the companies, and we know where to find the deals

Our motto is “Expect More” as we strive to offer more services, options, and personal guidance throughout the entire process and act as a ‘hub’ for service, information, price and coverage. To provide customers with the best coverage at competitive rates, as well as being a source of education for the community.

Get your quote today!

Frequently Asked Troy NY Homeowners Insurance Questions (FAQ)

There is no “one” best company as it depends upon your specific qualifying scenario. Factors such as house age, location, dwelling limit amount, credit rating, number of prior claims, alarm systems, fire zone rating, and bundle discounts all figure into the final quote premium amount.

Company A may be great with monoline policies for older houses in unprotected fire zones, while Company B may be the best for newer high value houses for people with an excellent credit rating. Company C may be the best for average age residences when the bundle discount is applied and on and on.

That is why we work with each quote as a unique opportunity and manually quote with the top companies for that specific scenario of qualifying factors.
We will never guarantee the absolute best proposal, but we do guarantee to put our best effort forth and manually rate with our targeted companies for your specific qualifying factors. We have an excellent track record and often save clients up to 50% on their policies.

We do this without sacrificing coverage and commonly upgrade protections while still saving customers up to 50%. Our number one goal with every quote opportunity is to find the lowest cost option that provides the protection you need and deserve, while educating you on the most important aspects of your policy.
Yes. In fact, we place a large percentage of our customers in to bundles that include auto, home, umbrella, renters, and motorcycle products to take advantage of the significant bundle discounts available.

The price isn’t the only benefit of a bundle. Having multiple policies with the same carrier makes it so much easier for you to manage your payments, retrieve policy documents, and centralizes your point of contact for any customer service inquiries.
No. In fact we make the process quite simple for you. All that’s required on your part is to make your initial payment and sign the application. We issue your new policy and cancel your old one, give you your new binder and have your full policy either emailed or mailed to your residence per your preference.

This is all done on the same day and can be at our office or over the phone. What’s more is that we are here as a resource for you and you can call or email your agent directly with any questions for quick response. No 800 numbers or gate keepers at our agency.
You never have to come to the office. In fact, most of our interactions are done over the phone, although we love meeting people in-person if convenient for you.
Cancelling your current coverage before the term expiration is perfectly fine, no penalties will be assessed. You’ll actually get a pro-rated refund back from your prior insurer for the number of days coverage that you paid for and did not use.

For instance, if you had a 12-month policy and paid for it in full at the inception with a premium of $1,000 and cancel at the end of 6 months, you’ve paid for 12 months and only used 6 months-worth of protection. Therefore, you would receive a refund back in the amount of $500 for the 6 months you paid for but did not use.
All of the companies with do business with offer multiple payment options including 1-Pay, 2-Pay, semi-monthly, quarterly, and monthly options. Our two most popular options are the Paid-in-Full option (some of our carriers offer a discount for paid-in-full) and the Monthly Automatic Payment option.

The monthly automatic option is an electronic transfer of your payment directly from your checking account and eliminates any monthly bill installments fees which adds up to a good savings amount over the term of the policy.
When folks refer to liability protection on a NY homeowners policy, they are referring to Personal Liability protection. Simply put, it protects you if someone is injured on your property or inside your house and sues you for their injuries.

Say for instance someone is walking up your driveway in the winter and slips and falls on a patch of black ice. That person now sues you for $500,000. If you carry a $500,000 limit on your personal liability protection, you’ll be safe from having to pay out of your pocket if the ultimate award amount comes in at $500,000. It’s one of the most important coverages on a homeowners policy.
Yes. Your new company will simply replace the old one. Sometimes when a policy’s premium is paid in escrow, the insured’s don’t pay much attention to the renewals because there’s not a drastic change in their monthly mortgage payment each year.

When they do ultimately take a look at their renewal a few years later, they notice that the premium has increased significantly, sometimes over 50% or more. It really does pay to check your renewal each year when in escrow, you could be paying hundreds more than you should be.
Absolutely not. In fact, we do not charge our customers at all for our services, and certainly not for a quote. Our compensation comes from the companies that we write for, and we’re paid the same as every other agency whether we spend 1 minute or 2 hours working with a client.

In a greater sense, we do make out better by spending extra time with our customers and building relationships with them because we get a lot of referrals for new clients, and our interactions are like talking with friends and family. We simply care about our people and want to make sure they are taken care of.

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